8 foods should not eat when losing weight


Many experts say that banning the consumption of certain foods is not beneficial for weight loss. Therefore, this can lead to appetite and then eating too much leads to weight gain. However, there are some foods that you really should not eat if you are trying to diet. Hence, you should check out the post to know more about the foods which should not eat when losing weight.

1 Any food that contains only carbs (including starch, sugar, fiber)

Any food that contains only carbs (including starch, sugar, fiber)
Any food that contains only carbs (including starch, sugar, fiber)

According to Charlie Seltzer, a weight-loss expert based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when you eat biscuits, cereals or breads or cakes, your body will convert those foods into single sugars and directly into the blood. In order to break down sugar, the body continues to produce insulin that helps you absorb sugar faster. Furthermore, the problem here is that when blood sugar is low and appetite will come as well as make you want to eat sweets to meet your energy needs. Therefore, you will again gain weight quickly. Instead of eating carbohydrate foods, you should eat foods that contain carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. Eating these foods will make digestion slower, so you will also be hungry for a long time.

2 Frozen food

New York-based dietitian Rachel Harvest says that frozen food manufacturers use sodium (a natural preservative) to keep their food fresh. It’s the sodium that keeps water in your body that makes you feel fat, so you will not know the exact weight of your body to lose weight. In addition, manufacturers often try to put a lot of calories into tiny food boxes so you still feel full despite eating quite a bit, but the fact is that you have absorbed a large amount of calories. Therefore, instead of choosing the frozen foods available in the supermarket, you just need to cook more food, then chilled leftovers and store them for later meals.

Frozen food
Frozen food

3 Snack-bar contains high fiber

Snack-bar is a snack made from a variety of nuts that people love. The snack bar contains lots of good fiber for the digestive system and helps you feel full even when you cut down on calorie intake. However, a snack bar contains enough fiber (25g) needed to be absorbed throughout the day, so eating more may cause your stomach to become irritated and irritated. Therefore, you should choose to absorb fiber from vegetables or fruit instead of snack-bar. In each meal, eat more vegetables to provide sufficient fiber.

4 Low fat foods

One study found that people tend to eat up to 30% more food when they eat less fatty foods. In addition, although removing fat from food, food manufacturers add other additives and often sugar. Therefore, low fat foods can cause you to gain more weight. Therefore, if you are on a diet, just eat foods that are healthy but moderately healthy, such as grated carrots with guacamole (a cream made with healthful fat butter) or hummus (made from good olive oil for good health).

Low fat foods
Low fat foods

5 Juices

When you drink fruit juice, you will absorb all the calories from that fruit and also fructose, a natural sugar found in fruits and fruit juices. This type of sugar will make you feel more appetite and increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, drink only when you want to lose weight or drink sugar-free tea.

6 Soft drink

Calorie-free soft drinks are not as good as you think. The artificial sweeteners in these drinks will increase appetite. Therefore, even if they are listed as low in calories or soft drinks for the diet, you should stay away. Furthermore, instead of drink sodas, they will make you feel full and eat less.

7 Canned cereal

People tend to eat 22% more when they eat cereals in large boxes, according to Cornell University’s food research experts. When you buy food in large containers, you will eat more food than you need to. Therefore, please measure the amount of cereals you need to eat instead of going directly to the bowl.

Canned cereal
Canned cereal

8 Wine

When you drink alcohol, it will provide a lot of empty calories without any nutrients and will make you eat more. In addition, alcohol contains toxic substances that the body can not absorb so it will be excreted through the liver. When the liver has to work to get rid of the toxic substances in the wine, it can not burn fat efficiently.  Therefore, you should drink low-alcoholic beverages like vodka soda and champagne.

Besides these foods, you don’t forget to do excises to make sure that you will have good health.