Different Between Paper Mask or Wash Mask

Different Between Paper Mask or Wash Mask
Different Between Paper Mask or Wash Mask

In the past five to six years, paper masks are gaining popularity among beauty enthusiasts for its uses and utility. In particular, Korean girls are loyal fans of this mask when they can use 4-5 pieces a week. In fact, one of the main reasons which make paper mask becomes more popular with women because of its convenient. However, is it really the “paper masking season” that will make traditional wash masks “skirted”? Here, let’s learn and compare these two types of the mask to make the appropriate choice.

1 What is paper mask and types of the mask?

Mask paper is a mask composed of two main ingredients which are paper and nutrients. Depending on the price of the product, the material that makes up the paper is different, but mostly cotton. Meanwhile, the nutrients in the mask are usually large amounts of concentrated serum or lotion ranging from 15 to 20 ml of solution. Depending on the purpose of use including whitening, moisturizing or anti-aging that in the solution will contain appropriate active ingredients.

paper mask
paper mask

There are six popular materials used to make paper masks

– Non-woven fiber mask (fiber mask)

– Pulp mask

– Hydrogen gel mask with gelatin film

– Mask made from bio-cellulose fiber

– Silver foil mask

– 100% cotton wool mask

2 Different between papers mask and wash mask

  • Paper masks and washing masks focus on two different usage groups, you should customize the need to make sensible choices. However, there is no shortage of mask type washing has the function of cleaning, suction oil, and skin care is quite good. Therefore, the use of wash masks is said to be more diverse and useful to the user.
  • Paper masks are quite convenient for long trips because they are packed in pieces and easy to store. However, because of the high cost, if you have a lot of time at home then consider choosing a wash mask to save more.
paper mask
paper mask
  • Solutions in the mask often contain many active ingredients. After removing paper masks, they are easily evaporated and dry. You need to use a moisturizer or conditioner to ensure that the skin is better moisturized.
  • If the skin is acne, you should not use a paper mask because of a layer of paper that increases the surface temperature skin. The increase in temperature is a double-edged sword which is both capable of causing rapid absorption of nutrients and increasing the risk of bacterial infection, which aggravates acne. In order to avoid negative effects, you should not use a thick and heavy-weight face mask.

After all, we can not deny the convenience of paper masks. However, the rinsing mask still offers significant benefits at a lower cost. Therefore, choosing the smart combination between the two types of masks in each case will definitely help you maximize benefits while minimizing the cost considerably. Furthermore, you can use each mask for different purposes. However, before buying or using the mask, you should refer and check out your skin to find the best suitable one for your skin to avoid allergy. Moreover, you should not buy cheap paper masks because they can be faked masks and have a low quality which can affect your skin. Besides using masks, you don’t forget to combine with eating more vegetable and less fat foods. You also should remember that if you use mask too much in a week which will bring bad effect, so you should use 2-3 times/week which is considered as the best method for your skin. In addition, in order to protect your skin, you should use sun cream when going out because after using the mask, your skin will be thin.