The “Strange” Beautiful Cats in the World


Cats are loved by many families. Cats are known as the most popular and closest animal with almost people besides cute and amazing dogs. With the soft fur and lovely beauty of the cats below will make you love right when you meet.

1 Maine Coon

Maine Coon or long-haired American cat is a typical domestic cat with distinctive phenotypic characteristics and remarkable hunting skills. It is one of the most ancient natural cat breeds in North America, a native of Maine and chosen by the state as its representative animal.

The Maine Coon cat’s distinctive features are its large bony structure, its rectangular body, and long blooms. Maine Coon can have many different hair colors and is famous for its intelligence and temperament are extremely gentle.

Maine Coon
Maine Coon

2 Toyger

Toyger is an abbreviation for “toy” and “tiger”, so many people understand Toyger as “pretty little tiger”. There are nearly 400 Toyger survivors. They are bred by crossing Bengal cats with domesticated cats. Therefore, the Toygers are essentially hybrid cats.

Excepting for the small size and modest weight of the cats, Toyger possesses many of the tiger’s visual features including dark yellow fur with prominent black stripe, white circle around the eyes, imposing gait.

3 British Longhair Cat

The long-haired Cats have a plumage and solid body, coming from the UK. The head of this long-haired cat is round with bright, round eyes and short ears. Furthermore, their legs are short, they are very strong. The most striking feature of this cat is that it has long, thick feathers that look impressive.

British Longhair Cat
British Longhair Cat

4 Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has distinctive ears with folds. Moreover, the cat has big round eyes and filled with sweet sweetness. The beard grows all around the mouth and the short nose is slightly upturned. They are the reason why the cat always makes people falling in love in the first looking. At birth, Scottish Fold cats also have straight ears but after 3 to 4 weeks of age, folds appear as the ear gradually decays.

5 Persian

Persian cats are one of the most common for cats in the world. Their characteristic is the very short nasal bridge, which is often called the cat’s face. They have a strong body, big head, round eyes expressive. In addition, Persian cats have a double coat with long outer coat and fairly short thick coat on the inside. Their tail is always ruffled, so the owner has to take care for the coat of this breed quite meticulous, requiring the bristle to comb the hair every day.


However, these cats do not seem to be suitable for owners who are fond of clean because they shed so much hair. Thanks to its soft, comfortable and temperamental nature, Persian cats continue to be ranked among the most loved animals in the family. They are very intelligent, friendly and attached to the owner.

6 Turkish Van

The cat, known in the United States as Turkish Van, is a rare breed of cat that originated in central and southwestern Asia. Turkish Van’s hair color is very special with long, white coat, blobs that appear to appear only in the head and tail. Turkish Turkeys are extremely healthy, agile and intelligent but sometimes very curious. Furthermore, the coat is rarely damaged, so the owner of the Turkish Van cat is quite idle without having to brush their hair every day.

7 Somali

The Somali cat is a very attractive cat for us to look at. It was born strangely like a small fox with big ears, face like a mask, plump neck and tattered cotton tail. With a moderately long, smooth coat that looks graceful, the muscles of the Somali cat are very firm. The cat has round green and bronze eyes enough to charm anyone who loves this cat.

After choosing the best cat for your own, you should refer to the way to take care of them because each type of cat will have a different way to rise. Furthermore, if you want to travel with the cat, you can read more information at Trip ideas to have useful tips.