17 Things for parents should know when traveling with kids on flight

traveling with kids on flight
traveling with kids on flight

Traveling with kids is always the best concerning of most of the parents because if you do not know the right way to take care them, perhaps, you will have terrible trip especially traveling by flight. Therefore, the post will introduce the necessary and useful tips for parents when traveling with kids on the flight.

1 First of all, make a list of things you need to bring with you on the plane. You can refer to the following list including toys or books to change every hour, empty bottles for baby water, some clothes for change, plastic bags with zippers, wet tissues, coats blankets, music headsets, iPads, mugs with lids, candies, pacifiers, pediatric nausea.

 traveling with kids on flight
traveling with kids on flight

2 Do not bring too many diapers, because you can buy diapers at the destination. A diaper bag is not counted as hand baggage. Therefore, you should bring diaper bags, but just put a few diapers in it, while the rest use space to hold other items.

3 Be neat and smart. For children, you should wear them with buttons or snaps instead of traditional buttons. Mothers who are breastfeeding should wear easily removable cloaks and wear as many pockets as possible.

4 Make a special meal like a vegetarian, Jewish or Muslim dish, whatever is available on the menu. These dishes are usually brought in advance, i.e. children will be eating sooner.

5 Please inform the airline that you have a baby under 2 years old. Besides that, ask for a baby cradle on the plane (bassinet) and a seat next to the bulkhead for yourself. At the ticket counter, you can also request a window seat for your baby to feed.

 traveling with kids on flight
traveling with kids on flight

6 Please tag your name, address, phone number or email address in all the baskets in case you are struggling with the missing items. Furthermore, if carrying a milk heater, check that the current at the destination is compatible with the machine.

7 At some airports, you may find a lane reserved for women with children fewer than 2 or 3 years of age in the security area.

8 Getting to the airport early because carrying small children can cause you to incur a lot of errands to do.

9 Give your baby a bottle or suck the nipple while the airplane takes off and landing to keep the baby’s ears from being affected by the pressure change. Moreover, be smart timers, otherwise, the baby will eat before the plane to pick up or landed. For slightly older children, you can also drink water or suck candy.

10 Get acquainted with people sitting near you and apologize to them if the child is bothering on the plane. Do not be afraid to let them know if you are traveling alone with the kids. These people can help you look after your children or keep your belongings if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the flight.

traveling with kids on flight
traveling with kids on flight

11 If your baby is crying, you should sing and make fun noises, get up, walk or do some games to disperse the focus. Do not be afraid to be seen by others, because the most important thing is to stop the baby crying, otherwise, you get more attention.

12 Children have less than 18 months or younger can enjoy iPods or cartoons.

13 Do not care about time zone differences. If they sleep, let them sleep comfortably.

14 Wash your hands as much as you can, or bring your hands to dry hands. Airplanes and airports have a lot of bacteria.

15 Change a game or candy for a child after about an hour. Items that appeal to children include colored pencils and paper, stickers, crafts, toy phones, puppets, and books. Do not carry anything that can roll if it falls to the floor because you will be very busy with picking up and also have to wash before cleaning the baby.

16 Before traveling, you should download many cartoons, TV shows, and games. You can even show your family photos.

17 Do not stress when your baby starts to cry. Anyone who leads a small child can encounter similar situations. In later flights, if you meet the parents with children, please sympathize and help them.

Hope that you will have an amazing time with your children when following these tips. If you need more information, don’t forget to visit Trip Idea