Interesting Experiences in Paradise Country- Netherlands

Get lost in front of the world's largest flower garden- Keu Kenhof

Netherlands is an amazing country in the world. The country is always famous for milk but if you have time for traveling to the country, you will want to visit the country again. Therefore, the post will introduce interesting experiences for traveling to the wonderful country.

1 Visit Amsterdam with its famous bicycle and canal system

Visit Amsterdam with its famous bicycle and canal system
Visit Amsterdam with its famous bicycle and canal system

When visiting the country, you will surprise before the impressive canal system of the Netherlands which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Therefore, traveling by boat through these canals is an easy way to admire the beauty of the whole city. The two sides of the Amsterdam canal are close to the lovely houses which are called the Dancing House. The land here is very muddy leading to the tilt of the colorful houses. Not expensive cars, new bikes are the main means of encouragement in the Netherlands. Traveling to the Netherlands, you can catch bicycles everywhere, every corner when nearly 60% of the population uses bicycles as a means of daily displacement of cars. The Netherlands aims to reduce the environmental damage and noise pollution. The tinkling train is also a popular vehicle in Amsterdam.

2 Cycling to breathe a fresh air filled with trees

One of the central tasks of the government of the Netherlands has set out to protect nature and wildlife. National parks with enormous green trees occupy a large area, stretching across the Netherlands, intersecting with arterial routes. Park Hoge Veluwe is the most famous park in the Netherlands, with 40 km of bicycles and offers 1,800 vehicles for free. You should come here early in the morning when you open the door (8 pm) to hear the birds singing and breathe the fresh air. Furthermore, when visiting there, tourists will have a chance to admire large meadows of wild weeds, flowers and woody trees. Moreover, you can see the famous purple heather flower, but in the spring flowers begin to hatch.


3 Visit the most beautiful fairy village in the world Giethoorn

In Giethoorn, smoke and car horns do not exist. When they arrived, people had to leave their cars outside the village, renting boats that people called “whisper boats” had no noise motives to “approach” the village, or have Walking through more than 176 wooden arches. Many homes are still inaccessible by road. Even postman mailers must deliver mail by boat. When visiting there, tourists can rent a boat of local people with price from 20 euro/hour. In fact, you can spend 2-3 hours to explore the whole village. Giethoorn located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands. The name Giethoorn (goat horn) comes from the discovery of the first inhabitants of the Mediterranean. They have found hundreds of goat horns here, the aftermath of a 10th-century historical flood. In Giethoorn, the loudest sound you can hear is the quagmire of ducks swimming under the water, or the cry of other birds occasionally flapping wings over the top of the head.

Visit the most beautiful fairy village in the world Giethoorn
Visit the most beautiful fairy village in the world Giethoorn

4 Admire the Netherlands’s oldest windmill

Ordinary tourists often choose Zaanse Schans because of the nearby capital, the windmills are eye-catching colors. However, if you want to discover what is primitive and the oldest, Kinderdijk village should be the first choice because it preserves the integrity of 19 oldest Dutch windmills. The village was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1997. The first windmills came from the Netherlands, which is 30% below sea level. They are responsible for the transfer of water, which are the pumps that rely on the strength of nature to keep the Netherlands from submerging under water. When visiting the Kinderdijk village, you should rent bicycles to visit, wander around the winding roads, meandering, and enjoy this peaceful and rustic scene.

Admire the Netherlands's oldest windmill
Admire the Netherlands’s oldest windmill

5 Get lost in front of the world’s largest flower garden- Keu Kenhof

Located far 30 km south west of Amsterdam, lies on a 30-hectare land where thousands of flowers, including tulips, symbolize the beautiful Dutch countryside is Keukenhof. Tulip has an origin in Turkish but it is most famous and vibrant in the Netherlands with Keukenhof flower garden. Every year, the Keukenhof is open only for two months with more than 7 million tulips planted solely to serve tourists. With its glorious beauty, the Keukenhof Gardens is worthy of the “Europe’s most attractive destination” award from the World Travel Association. In the flower garden also presents Dutch specialties are waffles with honey and cinnamon aromatic flavor.

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